Debbie Mast

Debbie Mast RN MSN is a qualified Sweet Medicine SunDance instructor with extensive experience designing ceremony to meet the needs of individuals and groups. She teaches internationally and has sent people out on Vision Quests for over 24 years. Debbie is senior faculty in two shamanic training programs, and the founder of the Women’s Hoop, a ceremonial group for women now in its 24nd year.


Brian Obrecht

Brian Obrecht is a lodge leader and an experienced facilitator guiding others in visionquests, personal ceremonies and initiation rites for the last 23 years. Brian has been a student with the Sweet Medicine Sundance path for 29 years. He is the founder of an adventure travel company, has run a dojo (martial arts school) and is leader of a shamanic and warrior training society that integrates spiritual disciplines with physical mastery. Brian’s adventurous approach to life helps others to step into their power and live life to the fullest.


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