What Is A VisionQuest?

A Vision Quest is a chance to seek guidance from Spirit, a unique opportunity to find your life’s direction.

Human beings have always sought answers to life’s questions in nature. This has traditionally taken the form of a Vision Quest in which people stepped away from the concerns of daily life and immersed themselves in the natural world. Jesus
wandered 40 days in the desert, while Buddha sought enlightenment in the forest. In the time-honored tradition of cultures around the world, we too will turn to nature and Spirit for our answers.

What Are Rights of Passage?

Rites of Passage mark the natural turning points we experience as we move through birth, puberty, adulthood, eldership and death. Some are done at specific ages that are known “shock points” in a person’s life. Others are done to help us engage with life experiences such as pregnancy, marriage, job transitions, divorce or death of a loved one.

These ceremonies help us harvest what we have learned. By integrating both losses and gains, we stay balanced as we grow and go forward in beauty.


This is a 5-day Spiritual retreat that takes place on 160 acres of beautiful private land in Western Michigan. Our journey includes teachings, a purification lodge, and two days and nights in personal ceremony. As you connect with the wisdom of the Earth and seek guidance from the natural world, new approaches to old challenges become clear. Renewed by Spirit, you return with the inspiration needed to embrace change and empower yourself!

This annual event is co-sponsored by the Flowering Tree Lodge and the Jaguar Clan. It is designed for ages 18 and over. Your guides on this journey are apprentices to the Sweet Medicine SunDance shamanic tradition with many years of experience leading ceremonies for individuals and groups.



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